The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine  LECOM  conducts a "White Coat Ceremony each year for incoming medical students. Family wait for the ceremony to start: cousin Pauline, husband Nam, Aunt Zenith, step-mother Betty. (Dad is behind the camera.) Alex in-place with other students before beginning of ceremony. Near the end of the ceremony, students make the Ostepathic Pledge of Commitment (a copy is on page four of the program which appears later). The stage is set. Beautiful grand lobby of the Warner.
The ceremony is conducted at the ornate Warner Theater in downtown Erie, PA. Dean introduces program. Alex, in blue, goes on stage. DSC01303 She's got it. Alex crosses the stage to recieve her stethoscope - part of the ceremony.
She receives her white coat. dsc01302a DSC01302 dsc01317a DSC01317 DSC01320
Proud med student. Alex gets a congratulatory hug from her Aunt Zenith. End of ceremony. DSC01341 All smiles. Alex with lab mate.
Alex and Nam. Proud student surrounded by happy family. DSC01371 Nam shoots too. Auntie Zee sets up for a shot. Cousin Pauline and Alex.
Alex and proud Dad. folderimage folderthumb