Driving Tour of Spain 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Three weeks in Spain — South to North and Back Again.

Driving Tour of Spain

Three weeks in Spain – South to North and Back Again.

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Arcos de la Frontera

A scenic village near ROTA

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Garganta La Ollo

A scenic town in central / western Spain

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Santiago de Compostela

Destination for Pilgrims.

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End of the Earth / Sardiñeiro

Fisterre & Sardiñeiro

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A stop for lunch and scenic harbor.

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Picos de Europa

Scenic mountains with some of Spain's highest peaks.

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Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao

A Frank Gehry masterpiece, shrowded in titanium.

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Bilbao — The City

Random sights around Bilbao

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Bull Ring Museum — Bilbao

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RioJa Wine Region

Takes its name from Rio Joa (River Joa) – still in Basque country.

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La Mancha

Don Quixote Country

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Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

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Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba

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Around Cordoba

Hotel, sights

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Cordoba People

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B4 'n' Aftr

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