Pictures from Ruth's "Pending Retirment" Party
Surprise "Oh my God: what's this?" Ruth kept saying, "What is this?" (Grand nephew Austin in background.) Son J.K. showed her the cake by way of explanation. Gosh, look at all of these friends from work. Expressing surprise at presence of neice Tara's presence. Robin's daughter Riley to left; Tara's kids Kelsey and Conrad. Brother Roger next to Ruth.
Brother Roger, mocking Ruth: "What's this?" Brother Gene and his wife Barb. Daugter-in-law Diane and her parents, Paul and Kathy. Grand daughter Allison, daughter of Diane. img 1487 The kids.
IMG 3899 Diane with her daughter. Diane made it possible to use the Spagetti Warehouse, near down town Columbus, for the party. Sister-in-law, Betty, wife of Roger. Well - it IS the Spagetti Warehouse. Ruth's workmate and her daughter. Former workmate of Ruth and her husband.
Ruth's workmates. Nieces Tara (left) and Robin. img 1496 img 1497 Ruth with son J.K. Now you know why he turned out like he did: see the see-food? img 1499
img 1500 Robin's daugter's / grand nieces - Riley (Robin's daughter) and Kelsey (Tara's daughter). Kelsey with brother Conrad (grand nephew). JK's ear. Robin's son / grand nephew Austin gives a thumbs up. img 1507
Robin img 1512 img 1513 Daughter-in-law Diane and her husband, JK, made arrangements, got the cake, etc. img 1516 Conrad goofs-off.
After the party, Paul is left holding the bag whiel waiting in the lobby for the group to disperse. IMG 3898 IMG 3902 IMG 3903 IMG 3904 IMG 3905
IMG 3907 IMG 3908 IMG 3910 Neices Robin and Tara with Ruth. Austin sneaks into the pic in the background. IMG 3913 After the party, Diane's parents, Kathy and Paul relax with Diane's Aunt Marti.