France — 2008 5/8-23/2008

Tour, meet son-in-law-to-be's family in Noyon; Paris, Normandy, Loire Valley.

France 2008

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Best of the Best

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Home town of son-in-law to be.

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Paris: Parks, buildings, monuments, etc.

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People of France

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Sights Around Normandy

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A quaint, seaside village in Normandy

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Loire Valley Sights

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Leonardo de Vini's home, Clos Lucé (manor house), is located here.

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A seaside village in Normandy with fabulous sea food.

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Chateau Chambord — Exterior

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Chateau Chambord — Interior

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Musee Maurice

A unique collection of manufacturing artifacts personally collected by industrialist Maurice

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Chateau Breze

A small chateau with it's family still active.

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Chateau Vilandry

A chateau with beautiful gardens.

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Troglodyte Village

People lived here underground - "troglodytes."

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A quaint village in the Loire Valley — we stayed there in a B&B

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Where we stayed

Homes and B*Bs where we stayed in France

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Family Pictures

Pictures take at various locations around France.

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Before and After Images

Some editing was done on images to make them more pleasing to my eye.

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