References - RRUUC Trip to El Salvador
June 29 to July 13, 2007

UCA / Martyrs

  1. Martha Doggett, Death Foretold: The Jesuit Murders in El Salvador. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press/Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, 1993. A thorough account of the killings of priests and others, the cover-up, legal case and the political implications.
  2. Teresa Whitfield, Paying the Price: Ignacio EllacurĂ­a and the Murdered Jesuits of El Salvador. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1995. A "masterful telling of the wider story."
  3. Dean Brackley, The University and Its Martyrs: Hope from Central America (2nd ed). San Salvador: Centro Mons. Romero, 2005. A concise chronicle.

Peace Accords and Related Info

  1. Wikipedia history
  2. Georgetown University collection on El Salvador: War, Peace, and Human Rights
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  4. Reports, including text of agreement, U.S. Institute for Peace (USIP)
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  6. U.N. Sec. Gen. statement, 2007

Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

  1. U.S. State Department Issue Statement
  2. MCC press release
  3. U.S. Embassy, San Salvador, press release

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