Where We Traveled in El Salvador

Itinerary with a few annotations, e.g., travel delays and other notes.

Central America

Map of Central America.

El Salvador is located in the Central Americas, bordered on the northwest by Guatamala, on the north and east by Hondouras. The southern coast is on the Pacific Ocean

El Salvador
Major Stops On Our Trip

Map of El Salvador showing locations visited.

  1. San Salvador - the Capital of El Salvador
  2. Santa Marta - not labled on this map, just west of Victoria
  3. Suchitoto and Lago Suchitlan -also not labled on this map
  4. Playa Costa del Sol (Beach)

Just north of Victoria is the faint blue notation,"Lempa R,"
denoting the Lempa River - which forms the border
between El Salvador and Hondouras (the bold red line).

Other Maps
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