DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
3Caller: California's Renée Camus
Musicians: Anna Rain (recorders),
Owen Morrison (guitar),
Liz Donaldson (piano)
Take A Dance
Mad Robin
The Merry Andrew
Cupid's Revenge
Trip to Town-O
Inklings Romp
~ Impertinence
Knives and Forks
Upper Valley Waltz
10Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Becky Ross (fiddle),
Colleen Reed (flute),
Liz Donaldson (piano)
Four Pence Ha'Penny Farthing
Knole Park
The Flying Sorceress
Jack by the Hedge
Elephants Stairs
Slaughter House
~ The Archer
Honeysuckle Cottage
Trip to Tunbridge
Heading for Zero
17Caller: April Blum
Musicians: Emily Aubrey (fiddle),
Paul Oorts (mandolin & accordion),
Francine Krasowska (piano)
Wooden Shoes
Always Possible
Round About Our Coal Fire
The Old Batchelor
The Cobbler's Hornpipe
Cumberland Square Eight
~ Tunbridge Beauties
Bath Carnival
Sally in Our Alley
Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration
Spring in Sebastopol
24Caller: Ann Fallon
Musicians: Tina Chancey (fiddle),
Carrie Rose (flute),
Melissa Running (piano)
Highland Lilt
The Ragg
The Cotery
Chacone by Mr. Finger
Minnows (or, Bother the Fish)
The Archer
~ Hudson Barn
Cheshire Rounds
Dr. Vincent's Delight
The Dancing Wife
DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
1Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Becky Ross (fiddle),
Owen Morrison (guitar),
Paul Oorts (mandolin & accordion)
The Hop Ground
Siege of Limerick
The Merry Andrew
A Trip to Town-O
Winter Memories
Mike's Health
~ The Irish Howle
Eastborne Rover
Elephant Stairs
The Collier's Daughter
8Caller: April Blum
Musicians: Carrie Rose (flute),
Ralph Gordon (cello),
Melissa Running (piano)
Take a Dance
The Archer
The First Lady
The Cobbler’s Hornpipe
Crystal Spring
Kensington Court
~ The New Attic
After Dinner Maggot
The Minor Spaniard

Washington Spring Ball

Practice Session
Callers: Anna Rain & Tom Spilsbury            Musicians: Becky Ross (fiddle), Liz Donaldson (piano)
Prompters & MusiciansDances Called
Prompters: Ann Fallon (AF),
Anna Rain (AR), April Blum (AB),
Kappy Laning (KL), Tom Spilsbury (TS)

Music by Three Roses:
Edith Coakley Stowe (fiddle), Carrie Rose (flute),
Melissa Running (piano & nyckelharpa
Heather Towers (AF)
The Cotery (AF)
The Flying Sorceress (AF)
Trip to Town-O (TS)
Parthenia (TS)
Cheshire Rounds (KL)
Cumberland Square Eight (KL)
Minnows* (AB) * or, "Bother the Fish"
Hudson Barn (AB)
Kensington Court (AB)
~ Round About Our Coal Fire (AR)
The Merry Andrew (AR)
Revelations (AB)
Jack By the Hedge (TS)
The Cobbler's Hornpipe (TS)
The Irish Howle (TS)
Eastbourne Rover (AR)
Sally in Our Alley (AR)
The Archer (AR)
15Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Tina Chancey (fiddle),
Susan Brandt (flute),
Jacqueline Schwab (piano)
Spanish Jig
Candles in the Dark
Kelsterne Gardens
Well Done Jack
Cherries and Chocolates
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
~ Ursa Minor
Jack North
Easter Morn
Jack's Health
22Caller: Andrea Nettleton
Musicians: Colleen Reed (flute), Tom
Wright (ten-string Mandolin), Neil Epstein (piano)
Freeford Gardens
The Mulberry Garden
Beach Spring
Set for Spring
Honeysuckle Cottage
We'll Bed and We'll Weed
~The Potter's Wheel
The Gleaners
Mile of Smiles
29Caller: Stephanie Smith
Musicians: Jeff Steinberg (fiddle),
Barbara Heitz (flute),
Liz Donaldson (piano)
The Play's the Thing
The Beggar Boy
Sapphire Sea
Softly Good Tummas
Leather Lake House
~ Vermont Friends
The Zither Man
Jaque Latin
DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
5Caller: Great Britain's Colin Hume
Musicians: Carrie Rose (flute), Paul Oorts (mandolin,
cittern, button accordion), Melissa Running (piano &
nyckelharpa), Colin (tambourine)
Mount Hills
The Doldrum
Turning by Threes
La Russe
Lilli Burlero*
*Colin Hume's variant
~ Good Man of Cambridge
Come Back to Sorrento
Love is little
12Callers: Melissa Running (M), Ann Fallon (A), Tom Spilsbury (T)
Musicians: Barbara Heitz (flute),
Becky Ross (fiddle),
Liz Donaldson (piano)
Jack's Health (A)
Fenterlarick (A)
Remembering Mary Kay (M)
Peace Be With You (M)
Trip to Tunbridge (A)
Roger's Whimsy * (M)
~The Minor Spaniard (A)
Perpetual Motion (T)
The Bonny Cuckoo (A)
Old Wife Behind the Fire (M)
*New compostion to tune
Dancing for Joy , both by
Sharon McKinley
19Caller: Dan Gillespie
Musicians: Tom Wright (ten-string mandolin),
Jeff Steinberg (fiddle),
& Sophie Chang (cello)
Mile of Smiles
Sailing Through Amber
Old Noll's Jig
Prince William
Money in Both Pockets
The Wood Duck
~ Dublin Bay
Mad Robin
Honeysuckle Cottage
The Geud Man of Ballengigh
26Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Tina Chancey (fiddle),
Ralph Gordon (cello),
Francine Krasowska (piano)
Easter Tuesday
Red House
The New Attic
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Cupid's Revenge
~ Dr. Fauster's Tumblers
Hole in the Wall
Softy Good Tummas
A Jig for Joanna
Elverton Grove

~ Indicates first dance called after the mid-evening break

Check-out Roger's Dance Niche.

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