January 4
Caller: Joseph Pimentel
Musicians: guest — Wayne Hankin (recorders),
Liz Donaldson (piano),
Ralph Gordon (cello)
The Mary and Dorothy
Zephyrs and Flora
Angels Unawares
6 for the Six Proud Walkers
A Trip to Town-O
Kelsterne Gardens
Wakefield Hunt
~ Sellenger's Round
January 11
Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Barbara Heitz (flute),
David Knight (fiddle)
Zephyrs and Flora
Sally in our Alley
Mr. Lanes Maggot
The Jovial Beggars
~ O' Susato
Jacks Maggot
Key to the Cellar
January 18
Caller: Dan Gillespie
Musicians: Bruce Edwards (bassoon and concertina), Melissa Running (piano), Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
A Health to All Honest Men
Winter Memories
Lord How's Jig
Fair and Softly
6 for the Six Proud Walkers
Escort to Leicester
~ Trenchmore
Braes of Dornach
Old Wife Behind the Fire
January 25
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Ralph Gordon (cello),
Francine Krasowska (piano),
Becky Ross (fiddle)
Faithless Nancy Dawson
Bar a Bar
Apollo's Hunt
When Laura Smiles
Village Inn 4-some
~ Miss de Jersey's Memorial
Ursa Major
February 1
Caller: Rich Galloway
Musicians: Susan Brandt (flute),
Liz Donaldson (piano),
Karin Loya (cello)
Zephyrs and Flora
Siege of Limerick
La Russe
Lilli Burlero
Margaret's Waltz
~ Sun Assembly
The Pursuit
Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Barbarini's Tambourine
February 8
Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
David Giusti (recorders),
Becky Ross (fiddle)
Back Heath
Round About Our Coal Fire
Bra a Bar
Trip to the Manors
Slaughter House
~ Puck's Deceit
Gigue for Genny
February 15
Caller: Stephanie Smith
Musicians: Bruce Edwards (bassoon
and concertina), Barbara Heitz
(flute), Melissa Running (piano)
Take a Dance
The Queen's Jig
The Two Cousins
Long Live London
~ Leather Lake House
The Zither Man
Michael & All Angels
February 22
Open Mic Night. Coordinators: Joseph Pimentel (J) and Tom Spilsbury
Callers: April Blum (AB), Ann Fallon (AF),
Kappy Laning (K), Laura Schultz (L)
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Colleen Reed (flute), Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Geud Man of Ballangigh (J)
Childgrove (K)
Duke of Kent's Waltz (K)
Helena (AF)
Impropriety (AF)
Saint Margaret's Hill (AB)
Faithless Nancy Dawson (AB)
~ Benjamin's Birthday(L)
The Physical Snob (L)
The Bishop (J)
Christina (J)
Highland Lilt (J)
February 29
Caller: Melissa Running
Musicians: Dan Gillespie
(recorders), Ralph Gordon (cello),
David Knight (fiddle)
The Mulberry Garden
The Old Bachelor
Playing (in) the Field
Turn of the Tide
~ Lucky Sevens**
Rose of Sharon
The Fandango
Collier's Daughter
*by Melissa Running
**by Melissa with thanks for help with job search
March 7
Caller: Dan Gillespie
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
David Knight (fiddle),
Anna Rain (recorders)
Apley House
Honeysuckle Cottage
Trip to Tunbridge
O, Susato
Lord How's Jig
The Wood Duck
~ Cockleshells
Prince William
Northdown waltz
Yellow Stockings
Mad Robin
March 10 — Special Event — Paul Ross — Afternoon Workshop and Evening Dance (Flyer, 720 kB)
~    ~    ~
Music by Waverley Station: David Knight (fiddle), Liz Donaldson (piano), Ralph Gordon (cello)
Afternoon Workshop: Paul spoke to the style of Fried de Metz Herman,
emphasizing three themes: Feet, Hands & Arms, and Eyes
Hole in the Wall
Saturday Triad
Twelve for the 12 Apostles
  Hands & Arms
The The Indian Princess
Michael and All Angels
An Arm and A Leg
~ The Waters of Holland
The Rakes of Rochester
Eight for the Music Makers
Evening Dance Party
Wooden Shoes
At Rainbow's End
The Black Nag
Tuesday Duple Minor
The Bishop
Fleur de Lis
Saturday Triad
Michael and All Angels
~ Prince George's Birthday
The Archbishop
Summer Circle
A Girl's Best Friend (DL)
Black Bess (DL)
Handouts, provided by Paul, to illustrate Fried's instructions on style.
The Elements of Style:
Good Hand Turn Techniques (PDF, 30 kB)
A Fried Herman Style Primer:
Ten style points that Fried made in connection with teaching her dance
pattern, An Amherst Cocktail — compiled by Paul Ross, May 6, 2011 (PDF, 300 kB).
— Read about the Country Dance and Song Society's Lifetime Contribution Award (PDF, 130 kB), awarded in 2006 to Fried, as well as biographic info about her. (Source: cdss.org)
— Country Dancers of Westchester, Memorial Celebration of the life of Fried de Metz Herman.
March 14
Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Barbara Heitz (flute),
Melissa Running (piano),
Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Minor Spaniard
All Saints
The Two Cousins
Parson's Farewell
Whiskey Before Dinner
Quite Carr-ied Away
Jack by the Hedge
~ Bartlett House
The Merry Andrew
Jaque Latin
March 21
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Susan Brandt (flute),
Ralph Gordon (cello)
Wooden Shoes
Say I Do
The Merry Musicologist
Row Well Ye Mariners
~ Trip to Florence
Tango in Toronto
Playing (in) the Field
Well Hall
March 28
Caller: Carol Marsh
Musicians: Colleen Reed (flute),
Becky Ross (fiddle),
Melissa Running (piano)
Take A Dance
Sleeping in the Attic
Handel With Care
Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do
Mrs. Savage's Whim
Gigue for Genny
Easter Morn
~ Terpsicourante
De'il Take the Warr
Chocloate for Breakfast
Tilde ~ 
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