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January 7
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Special Guest - Piper Dick Hensold (pipes and winds),
Liz Donaldson (piano, "harpsichord," etc.),
Ralph Gordon (cello)
Puck's Deceit
Wibsey Roundabout
Hambleton's Round O
Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
La Jalousie
~ Barbarini's Tambourine
Grais Inne Maske
January 14
Caller: Melissa Running
Musicians: Julie Gorka (piano),
Laurie Mielke (recorders),
Becky Ross (fiddle)
Knole Park
The Merry Andrew
The Jovial Beggars
   after Charles Bolton, duple minor ver.
Turn of the Tide
Wrights of Lichfield
Speed the Plough
~ Way to Norwich
The Tunefull Nightingale
Leather Lake House
January 21
Callers: Bob Farrell, Martha Seigel, Stephanie Smith
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Bruce Edwards (concertina and bassoon),
Judy Kleppel (oboe),
Faithless Nancy Dawson
Handle with Care
6 for the Six Proud Walkers
Key to the Cellar
Irish Lamentation
~ Red House
Lilli Burlero
Easter Morn
Shrewbury Lasses
Well Hall
January 28
Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Karin Loya (cello),
Melissa Running (piano),
Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Elverton Grove
Devil's Maggot
The Pursuit
Trip to Tunbridge
The Wood Duck
Barbarini's Tambourine
Minor Spaniard
~ Puck's Deceit
Gigue for Genny
Easter Thursday
The Ragg
The Homecoming
February 4
Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Andrea Hoag (fiddle), Elizabeth Moore (fiddle),
Colleen Reed (flute)
Take A Dance
Dorchester Delight
Peter and Peggy
Halsway Manners
The Scotch Morris
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
~ Winter Solstice
Slaughter House
Winter Memories
The Hop Ground
February 11
Caller: Stephanie Smith
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
David Knight (fiddle), Anna Rain (recorders)
Mendocino Redwood
White Wheat
The Old Batchelor
Orleans Baffled
The Lover's Knot
~ Easter Morn
Levi Jackson Rag
The Physical Snob
Peace Be With You
Well Hall
February 18
Caller: Martha Seigel
Musicians: Francine Krasowska (piano),
Dan Gillespie (recorders), Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
The First of October
The Mortsel Circle
Trip to Amsterdam
Leah's Waltz
Sun Assembly
~ Smithy Hill
Love's Triumph
What Shall We Do with
    the Baby-O
Duke of Kent's Waltz
February 25
Caller: Melissa Running
Musicians: Ralph Gordon (cello),
Julie Gorka (piano), Becky Ross (fiddle)
Mutual Love
Knives and Forks
The Astonished Archeologist
Flying Sorceress
Sun Return
Up with Aily (9/8 version)
~ Put in All
Dr. Vincent's Delight
Far Away
Jacque Latin
March 4
Caller: Dan Gillespie
Musicians: Francine Krasowska (piano),
Bruce Edwards (bassoon and concertina),
Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Jenny Pluck Pears
Haste to the Wedding
Mount Hills
Sparkling and Still
Trip to Kilburn
Mad Robin
The Indian Princess
~ Beggar Boy
Jaque Latin
Up With Aily
Cockle Shells
March 11
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Rhonda Hotop and Becky Ross (fiddles)
Mount Hills
The Flying Sorceress
Posties Jig
Double The Cape
Familiar Quotations
Pool's Hole
~ The Tuneful Nightingale
    (Barracough's adaptation)
Keymer Klomp
Birthday Branle
Margate Hoy
March 18
Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Julie Gorka (piano),
Karin Loya (cello),
Colleen Reed (flute)
4 Pence Ha'penny Farthing
Trip to Kilburn
Wooin' Mairi
~ Leslie's Valentine
Kneeland Romp
Puck's Deceit
March 25
Caller: Diane Schmit
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Ralph Gordon (cello),
Walter Robinson (recorders)
Slaughter House
Indian Queen
Miss Sayer's Allemande
Up with Aily
John Tallis' Cannon
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
~ Mr. Foster's Frolic
Trip to Kilburn
Miss de Jersey's Memorial
Sellenger's Round

~ Indicates first dance called after the mid-evening break

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