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July 2
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Susan Brandt (flute),
Liz Donaldson (piano), Keith Gillis (guitar)
New Bo Peep
The Phoenix
Hobb's Wedding
Honeysuckle Cottage
Red and All Red
Brays' Maggott
Hurly Burly
July 9
Caller: Susan Taylor
Musicians: Bruce Edwards (bassoon and concertina),
Julie Gorka (piano), Colleen Reed (flute)
First of April
Ore Boggy
The Indian Princess
Key to the Cellar
Sellenger's Round
Hole in the Wall
July 16
Caller: Rich Galloway
Musicians: Dan Gillespie (recorders),
Melissa Running (piano), Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Zephyrs & Flora
Corelli's Maggot
Four Pence Ha'penny
The Collier's Daughter
Duke of Kent's Waltz
Everton Grove
Shropshire Lass
Room for Ramblers
Hambleton's Round O
July 23
Caller: Liz Donaldson
Musicians: Francine Krasowska (piano),
Walter Robinson (recorders), Becky Ross (fiddle)
Knole Park
The Pilgrim
   (Lord Phopington)
Ashford Anniversary
The Homecoming
Lord Byron's Maggot
The Molly Andrew
Picking Up Sticks
When Laura Smiles
July 30
Caller: Anna Rain
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Bruce Edwards (bassoon & concertina
David Knight (fiddle)
Minor Spaniardr />Lovely Nancy
Jack's Maggot
Bar a Bar
Kneeland Romp
Orleans Baffled
The Punch Bowl
The Ragg
Trip to Tunbridge
Freeford Gardens
August 6
Caller: Diane Schmit
Musicians: Julie Gorka (piano),
Walter Robinson (recorders),
Jeff Steinberg (fiddle)
Knole Park
Mrs. Savages Whim
Trip to San Jose
Jack's Maggot
Mad Robin
Picking Up Sticks
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
Long Odds
Prince William of
    Gloucester's Waltz
August 13
Caller: Martha Seigel
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Bruce Edwards (bassoon
and concertina),
Becky Ross (fiddle)
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Long Live London
The Astonished
The Duke of
    Kent's Waltz
Christ Church Bells
Prince William
Trip to Amsterdam
Winter Memories
Sun Assembly
August 20
Caller: Tom Spilsbury
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
David Knight (fiddle),
Colleen Reed (flute)
The Ragg
Corelli's Maggot
Rafe's Waltz
Trip to the Manors
A Health to All Good Men
Honeysuckle Cottage
Cockle Shells
Trip to the Jubilee
The Emperor of the Moon
August 27
Caller: Bob Farrall
Musicians: Edith Coakley (fiddle),
Ralph Gordon (cello),
Melissa Running (piano and nyckelharpa)
Faithless Nancy Dawson
Halfe Hannikin
The Waters of Holland
Room for Ramblers
All Saints
Miss De Jersey's Memorial
Lilli Burlero
Up with Aily
Wakefield Hunt
Well Hall
September 7
Caller: Stephanie Smith
Musicians: Francine Krasowska (piano),
Karin Loya (cello), Colleen Reed (flute)
Four pence Ha'penny Farthing
Braes of Dornach
Easter Morn
Shandy Hall
Key to the Cellar
Levi Jackson Rag
Margaret's Waltz
Autumn in Amherst
Leather Lake House
Saint Margaret's Hill
Jack's Health
September 10
Caller: Melissa Running
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Judy Kleppel (oboe), Becky Ross (fiddle)
Neal's Maggot
Dunham Oaks
Caravan Crossing
Turn of the Tide
Easter Thursday
Ramblin Rosie
~ Puck's Deceit
Shandy Hall
Mulberry Garden
Love's Triumph
    Philippe Callen's interpretation
September 17
Caller: Michael Barraclough
Musicians: Liz Donaldson (piano),
Harriet Kaplan (cello), David Knight (fiddle)
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Black and Gray
The Lace Maker
Familiar Quotations
Queen Anne's Delight
~ Hunsdon House
La Rousse
Rouge et tout Rouge
Dunham Oaks
September 24
Caller: Dan Gillespie
Musicians: Susan Brandt (flute),
Edith Coakley (fiddle), Julie Gorka (piano)
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Mount Hills
Donnie's Farewell to London
Fair and Softly
Juice of Barley
Elverton Grove
The Indian Princess
~ The Haymakers
Gypsy Round
King of Poland
Jenny Pluck Pears
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