DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
5Callers: April Blum, Ann Fallon,
Sharon McKinley, Laura Beraha,
Sharon Spangler, Sharon Green
Host: Donna Rogall
Music: Recorded
Felix's Name Day (AB)
Anna Maria (caller (AB)
Pat's Tradition (AB)
Dick's Maggot (AB)
Dr. Vincent's Delight (AF)
Alice (SM)
Bath Carnival (LB)
~ Walk at Wilton (SS, adaptation)
Love, Port, and Sherry (SG)
Sweet Potato Pie (SM)
Heading for Zero (AF)
Several callers saved
the night when technical
difficulties arose)
12Caller:Ann Fallon
Host: Sharon McKinley
Music: Recorded
Beach Dancer
The Fast Packet
The Female Saylor
Wish We Were Here*
Trip to the Jubilee
Far Away
~ Jump at the Sun
Pluck Me a Fig
Ramblin' Rosie
* Premier of new dance by Ann
19Caller: Kappy Laning
Host: Leonard Lu — Tech: Jerry Blum
Live Music: Tina Chancey (fiddle / viol),
Susan Brandt (flute),
Melissa Running (piano)
In the Fields in Frost and Snow
The Chocolate Equation
Jaque Latin
Prince of Westborough
~ California Sunshine
The Minor Spaniard
The Bishop
Winter Dreams
The Chocolate Round O
26Caller: Andrea Nettleton
Host: Kappy Laning
Music: Recorded
Midwinter Maggot
The Goose and the Gridiron
The Cookow
The Homecoming
Eileen's A Dear
Robin's Bonzoomy*
  *Andrea's adaptation
~ Harlequin in the Mud
The Treasure of the Big Woods
Ani's Waltz
January Girl
DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
2Caller: Feb 2 - Ann Fallon
Host: Carrie Rose
Music: Recorded
Blythe Company
Dover Pier
Merry May*
*Sharon Spangler's
adaptation of Mary K
Band of Friends
Trip to Provence
~ We Meet Again
Stony Point
Bury Fair
Come with Voices Singing
Bar a Bar
9Caller: April Blum
Host: Leonard Lu
Music: Recorded
Felix's Name Day
Anna Maria
Pat's Tradition
Dick's Maggot
Sally in Our Alley
Neat, Mr. John
Karen's Caprice
~ Paul's Pet Peeve
Orange Nan
Sam's Maggot
Softly Good Tummas
Well Done Jack
16Caller: Andrea Nettleton
Host: Donna Rogall
Music: Recorded
Long Odds
Jack's Health
The Play's the Thing
Queen's Jig
Gene's Gambol
King's Maggot
Bel Canto
~ Red House
The Black Cat
Diamond Gypsy
Draw Cupid Draw
23Caller: Dan Gillespie
Host: Sharon McKinley
Music: Recorded
Gentleman's Delight
The Hop Ground
Prince of Westborough
Sharon of the Green
Scotch Cap
A Trip to Town-O
Goodnight Moon
~ Neat, Mr. John
Autumn In Amherst
Jack's Health
Never Love Thee More*
  *April Blum's adaptation
DateCallers & Musicians Dances Called
2Caller: April Blum
Live Music: Becky Ross & Catherine
Chapman (fiddles), LIz Doadldson (piano)
Host: Sharon McKinley  /  Tech: Jerry Blum
Holborn March
The Hop Ground
Fret and Rejoice
The Pursuit
Gene's Gambol
Hole In the Wall
MacDonald's March
~ Marching to Praetorius
Set for Spring
Mad Robin
New Leaf
Sunlight Through Draperies
9Caller: Dan Gillespie
Music: Recorded
Host: Donna Rogall
The Dressed Ship
Cockle Shells
Swirl of the Sea
Minnows, or, Bother the Fish
Stars in the Heavens
Madeira Coastline
The Female Saylor
~ Turn of the Tide
Waves of Grain
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Sapphire Sea
16Caller: Melissa Running
Music: Recorded
Host: Kappy Laning
The Hop Ground
Trip to Tunbridge
Come with Voices Singing
The Ashford Anniversary
The Merry Conclusion, or,
  Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance
My Lord Byron's Maggot
Lilli Burlero
The Dancing Wife
Rebecka Ridinghoode
Rain on the Roof
Maiden Lane
Hole in the Wall
The Scotch Morris
23Caller: Kappy Laning
Music: Recorded
Host: Sharon McKinley
The Farmer's Joy
Trip to Tunbridge
Michael and All Angels
Autumn in Amherst
Key to the Cellar
Good Man of Cambridge
~ 16th of January
Leather Lake House
To Dance Divine
Trim the Sails
Angels Unawares
6 for the Six Proud Walkers
30Caller: Ann Fallon
Live Music at the Townhall:
Melissa Running (piano), Susan
Brandt (flute), Tina Chancey (fiddle)
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Early One Morning
Set for Spring
Pluck Me A Fig
Saphire Sea
Wakefield Hunt
~ Dick's Alternate Maggott
Before the Light
Mac Donalds's March
Barbarri's Tambourine
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~ Indicates first dance called after the mid-evening break

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