The Pursuit
Longways duple minor 22 (1713-1728)

A1 1-8 M1 hey with the 2 women, giving right shoulder to W2 to start. At the end of the hey, M1 returns thru his own place & dances behind M2 to M2's place (M2 moving up).

A2 1-8 W1 hey with the 2 men, giving left shoulder to M1 to start. At the end of the hey, W1 returns thru her own place & dances behind W2 to W2's place (W2 moving up).

B1 1-4 1's lead down thru the next 2's & cast back
while 2's dance up outside & lead down.

5-8 All turn partners once round.

B2 1-8 1's whole figure 8 up thru original 2's.