The Old Batchelor
Longways duple minor 68 (1695-1731)

A1 1-4 1's cross & cast into a line of 4 facing up.
(1's improper in middle.)
(As 1's are casting, 2's may dance up &
out onto the end of the line of 4.)

5-8 In lines, up a double; fall back.

A2 1-4 1's face out & side with neighbor.

5-8 1's turn 1¼ to end facing W2 with M1 below W1.

B 1-2 1's circle 3 with W2.

3-6 M2 joins circle between the 2 women
& circle left until 1's are home.
(2's are below, but improper.)

7-8 All turn single away from partners
(men left, women right).

9-10 Facing partners, circular hey 2 changes.

11-12 1's change.