The Introduction
(Dance composed by Fried Herman to
O'Carolan's tune "Carolan's Cottage")
4-Couple longways 34 (1996-1999)

A1 1-4 Top couple cast past 2 couples.
(Middle couples sidestep up on bars 3-4).

5-6 Bottom 4 star right ½way.

7-8 Middle 4 star left ½way.

A2 1-8 All that again from new positions.

B1 ½ shoelace ("Choice Morsels") hey:

1-2 Right diagonals change passing right.

3-4 Left diagonals change passing left.

5-8 All that again.

B2 1-6 Leading couple (now in 3rd place)
lead up thru the top & cast to the bottom.
1-2 Others wait.

3-4 Bottom couple sidestep up.

5-8 Taking crossed hands, partners turn ending proper. (Leading couple does likewise, when they reach the bottom.)

Repeat dance 3 more times.