Easter Morn
Longways duple minor 44 (1994)
4 steps to the bar
(Dance by Erna-Lynne Bogue to
the music "Miss Gordon of Gight")

A1 1-2 1's cast (2's move up).

3-4 1's ½ figure 8 up thru the 2's.

A2 1-2 With the next (new) couple, star right.

3-4 With original couple, star left.

B1 1-2 Same 4, circle right.

3-4 2's gate 1's up & around back to progressed place.

B2 1-2 1's lead down thru next 2's & cast back.

3-4 Partners turn to end proper  (1's 1½, 2's once).