Dr. Vincent's Delight
Vera's Valedictory
(Composed by Charles Bolton)
3-couple longways, mixer 68 (1989)

A1 1-2 All set forward to partner.

3-4 Turn single back to place.

5-8 Partners turn by the right.

A2 1-4 Fall back (no hands) a double from partner; come forward.

5-8 Partners turn by the left.

B1 1-4 M2 down, W2 up star right on the ends. 5-8 Partners gypsy right.

9-12 Star left on other end (M2 up, W2 down).

13-16 Partners gypsy left.

B2 1-4 Taking hands along the line,

fall back a double; come forward.

5-8 All circle ½ way around.

9-12 Partners back to back.

13-14 Partners change places.

15-16 The top 2 men (M2-M3) & the bottom
2 women (W2-W1) change places backing up passing right shoulders
while others (M1 & W3) turn single.

Starting with new partner, repeat dance 2 more times.