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Android Market - Apps
Security - SSH Tunnel - Android
ROM Manager - Android Market
Root using Ubuntu
Root AdictiveTips - Install Superuser, Busybox & Rooted Kernel On Incredible 2 After S-Off
SetCPU for Root Users
Tether - PdaNet 3.50
Tether Wireless, for Root Users
Uninstall Android System Apps
xda-developers - General Search
USB Cable CheckR Android App
USB FAQ about Bad #USB   #TypeC


Autokey - Special Keys · autokey/autokey Wiki · GitHub
AutoKey Keymapping to enable Function Key Modifiers using Xmodmap - YouTube
AutoKey Function Keys Remapping, REVISED, as modifiers with Xmodmap - YouTube
Autokey Google Group (99+) autokey-users
GitHub - autokey-py3/autokey: A Python 3 port of AutoKey, a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11.
Autokey Questions on Stack Overflow


APT HOWTO - Managing packages
Encryption - ecryptfs - encrypt /home
Encryption - eCryptfs FAQ
GIMP Guru emoving "Red Eye"
GIMP - Grokking the GIMP
GIMP - User Manual / Tutorial
GRIP User's Guide
GRUB Manual
Grub - GUI Editor
GRUB 2 bootloader Tutorial
Grub2 Explained - Ubuntu Forums
HD Recovery - Foremost
HD Recovery - includes PhotoRec
HD Recovery - Ubuntu - Multiple Tools
HD Recovery Tool - TestDisk (NT, Win XP, Vista, Linux, etc.}
Linux Commands - Commands / Shell / Scripting / SuperMan Pages
Linux Commands - One pager & PDF version
LVM - Logical Volume Manager Administration - Red Hat Guide
Linux Help - tuXfiles - Excellent
Linux - dual boot safely - recovery
Menu - Text Based: UMENU2 Text Based Menuing System
NOVALUG Mailing List - Entry Page
PIN Applications - lxc Linux Containers - isolate ("pin") applications
Puppy Linux
Recoll - search for text in differently formatted files
Rescue Boot / Grub / Linux / Windows - Rescatux |
Router Hacking DD-WRT -- LifeHacker
Router - dd-wert: | Unleash Your Router, e.g., WRT54G
rsync - extensive explanation, including options
rsync - a good practical guide
SSH - Open SSH
System76 - Support - Drivers
Thumb Drive - Create Bootable - MultiSystem | Unixmen - Create bootable thumb drive ** Found to be excellent Dec. 2016 **
Truecrypt Tutorial
Ubuntu Forums - Help
Ubuntu - Restricted Formats - How to use
Unix Utiltilities for Windows
Video - PiTiVi Video Editor
Video Editor - Openshot
X2Go server installation on Ubuntu 14.04 as an alternative for VNC
Xubuntu - Post-installation Addons, including multi-media
Thumb Drive - Create Bootable - Etcher - includes for Rapberry Pi
VMware Server Support - USB Devices
VMware - USB fix Linux (Ubuntu 6.06)
VirtualBox - Oracle
VirtualBox - Oracle - Blog
VirtualBox Manual
Virtual Box - Beginner's Guide

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Security: Tips to Protect your Device from Bad Hackers -
Print server - Raspberry Pi
Thumb Drive - Create Bootable - Etcher - includes for Rapberry Pi
Brother HL-2140 on Linux and Raspberry Pi Print Server | Technology | Technology. Food. Gaming. Videos. Anything. What more could you want?!
** Raspberry Pi as a Print Server for the HL-2140
Raspberry Pi - Cambridge Pi Resrources

Security / Viruses / Hoaxes / Urban Legends

Adblock Plus Rick752 EasyList
American Cancer Society Hoax Fraudulent Jessica Mydek
CIAC & Security Virus Hoaxes
CIAC - Security - Bulletins
Cell Phone / PDA - Securely Erase Data
VeraCryps -Encrypt folders / partitions - VeraCrypt (WikiPedia) - Derived from TrueCrypt
Hoaxes - U.S. Dept. of State: Identifying Misinformation
RANSOMEWARE - AVast Four Free Ransomware Decryption Tools
Security: Encryption and Security Tutorial: Godzilla Crypto Tutorial
Symantec Service & Support
Security, Linux - RealEyes
Truecrypt Tutorial
Virus Hoaxes - Symantec Site
Urban Legends - Snopes Reference Pages

Stores / Online

Batteries Plus - Laptop Battery
Batteries, Laptop - AC adapters, iPod Batteries, Digital Camera Accessories.
Computech: On-line / Beltsville
Computer Place - Gaithersburg / Bureau Dr.
LapTopsForLess Laptop Batteries, AC adapters, iPod batteries, CD Roms, battery chargers for Compaq, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Sony, Apple, and HP laptops, PDA, iPod, & digital camera accessories.
Micro Center
O'Reilly Books
PCTech101 - Linux CDs, Inexpensive
Parts - PC - Part Picking Aid

Ubuntu and Free Software links

Ubuntu Starter Guide
xubuntu Window Resizing
xubuntu-users email list
Ubuntu - Restricted Formats - How to use
Ubuntu Wiki (community-edited website)
Ubuntu Forums - Help

uEFI, etc.

UEFI - Community Help Wiki
Dual Boot w/ Windows-8 -- Ubuntu Install (64-bit / UEFI Supported)
dual boot - Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI - Ask Ubuntu

Web / HTML Helpers, Page Analyser

Color Code Combination Chooser - HTML
Color Code Chart
Columnar Layout with <div>s (Repalce Tables with CSS)
CSS Validator - W3C
CSS Ref - Level 2 - W3C
Entity codes - Czech
Entity Codes - O'Reilly Table
Entity Codes - w3 Schools
Entity Codes for ASCII Characters
HTML Validator - W3C
HTML - W3C (includes tutorials)
HTML CSS NCDesign Guide
Html Viewer - view w/ safety
Columns using HTML / CSS, newspaper style
HTML Writers Resources
jEdit Tutorial
Styling <hr>s, other tips
TIDY Guide
** Web Developer ** Firefox Add-on
Enonymous: Web Site Privacy Ratings
Email Address EnScrambler
jEdit Tutorial
jEdit - Plugin Central
Graphs with DHTML / CSS Graph Generators
Meyer's Tools
Teleprompter - EasyPrompter - Web Based, offline, auto-cue
Web Design - MIT OpenCourseWare - Related Resources | Writing and Humanistic Studies | Communicating in Cyberspace
Web Page Usability - NCI
Web Graphics Primer
HTML Writer's Guild - HWG.ORG


Adobe Camera raw, DNG - Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe TV | PhotoShop Tutorials
Audio: Reaper | Audio Sequencer
DVD Decrypter
DVD Decrypter -
H2testw - Check USB / SD Cards for errors
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Help Forums
Ophcrack - Win Password Recovery Tool (XP, Vista)
Undelete - Recuva Windows only
Win 7 student upgrade ISO Downloads (11/2/10)
Windows 10 block auto update - 4sysops
Win-7 - Lenovo Support & downloads - ThinkVantage System Update
Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users
Windows 10 Settings TipsCheck These 5 Settings After Installing Windows 10

Amazon S3 Clous - Guide
AMI American Megatrends
BIOS Beep Codes - Award BIOS
BIOS Beep Codes
DNS - changing i.p. / Using Google's Public DNS
FAX - Free, upto 20 pages
Flash Drive - Setup Boot Drive, DSL, etc.
Google+ endorsement / privacy setting
IP - What's My I.P.
Kindle (Amazon) Cloud Reader - Linux
Scheduler - Doodle - Web-based Meeting Scheduler
Speed Test: SpeedOf.Me, HTML5 Speed Test | Non Flash/Java
Survey Tool -Google Forms - YouTube Tutorial
Viber Support / Help Desk
Deja News Research Service
Thinkpad Info - ThinkWiki
Thinkwiki Video - TV / Video Out - Make ATI graphic cards work

Dance and Folk

Ballroom Blum - Community | Facebook
ECD-FSGW Blog Login
FSGW Bylaws
FSGW Job Descriptions
Ken McFarland - Travel

Recipes, Including Bar Tending

Bar-None Drink Recipes: Cocktails, Shooters, Drinking Games and Bar Tips
Bartender On-line: Webtender
McCormick Food Service - Recipe Landing

Health & Medical Resources

American Medical Association
Cancer Rates: NCI's SEER Report
Lab Tests Online
Low Purine Diet - Lower uric acid / decrease gout
Mayo Clinic
Medications / Drug Info - Medline
Medicare -
Mental Health Info
Merck Manual - Home page
NCI: Public Info Page
NIH: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - NCCAM
NLM MedlinePlus - Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
National Library of Medicine - NLM
Pharmacy Refill - WRNNMC - Tricare Online
Tricare Online
Tricare MTF / Facility Locator
Tricare - Provider Finder
VA - VSOs Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs
VA - My Healthy Vet - MyHealthyVet
WRNMMC OnLine Medical Home - Relay Health
WRNMMC - Radiology / CT Appointment Scheduling


Alex & Nam - Wedding Page
Johns Hopkins Email / IT Services (JHEM)
Vie's Blog - Writing and Riding on the RV Trail
Wayne Albright's Cargo Container Shelter


Amazon Cruise - Aqua Expeditions
Auto Europe Discount Car Rentals
Argus Car Hire - Spain $670 diesel
Bullfight Tics - Sevilla
Barcelona Tourist Info
Bus Reservations - ROTA CADIZ JEREZ
Harrisburg B&B - Canna Country Inn/Home Page
Europcar - Car in ROTA
Maporama - Foreign Maps
Michelin Travel Publications
Paris Apartment Rentals
Sanlucar Spain
St Croix This Week
Travel Insurance
Virgin Islands - US - Tourist, Vacation, Business, & Shopping
Whitehouse - tours, Congress / etc. - Rep. Chris Van Hollen


Best Places - Sperling's / Retirement
National Shared Housing Resources
House - Prefab - MARMOL RADZINER, Architect
Home Improvement: Energy
Montgomery College
Montgomery College - IT Continuing Education
Montgomery College - People Search
Montgomery College - Online Books
Montgomery College - Books / Learning Materials for Continuing Ed
Oasis - Lifelong Adventure - Classes for Seniors

News / Weather / Radio


National Public Radio
KUHF - Houston Public Radio
U.S. Radio Stations on the Internet
TuneIn Radio
Radio Stations, Live, Real G2
Radio, Live, Classical

AP: The Associated Press
CNN Interactive
Barometric Pressure Map - USA
National Weather Service - Forecasts
New York Times
TheWeek - past issues
Washington Post - Print Edition
Washington Post - Print Edition
Washington Post - Comics
Washington Post - Gene Weingarten - Below the Beltway
Washington Post - Sign In - Acc. No. 13144439
Washington Post Technology
Washington D.C. Newspaper Website Links - Media Map
Weather - NOAA - National Weather Service Eastern Region
Weather: U. Hawaii - Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones
World-wide Weather, Intellicast
Weather Canada

Entertainment / Recreation

American Paradise U.S. Virgin Islands Tourist, Va
Air Show Index (& other info)
Arena Stage
Books - Free
Books - Internet Archive Free Books: eBooks & Texts; music, etc.
Books - Open Library
Cirque du Soleil
Ensemble Galilei & Maggie's Music
Kennedy Center
Last Page of the Internet
LIFE photo archive - Google
Lorem Ipsum - Lipsum generator - News Paper / Newprint generator
Museum of On-line Museums
Music - National Jukebox - free audio recordings
Music, Videos, Books - Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
Movie Database (IMDb).
Onion, The
Penny Postcards
Rules Don't Apply - Humorous Videos
Smithsonian - Humorous Site
TV - AntennaWeb
TV - AVS Forum - local HD listings
WuMo Comic Strip


Adorama - Photography, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Electronics
Alibris: Used Books, Used Textbooks, Rare & Out-of-Print Books
Appliance Parts - Cheap
Appliance / Repair Parts -
ArrowDirect - Refurbished PCs
Car / Automobile True Cost
B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders
Books: Barnes and Noble
Books: Octavo - Digital Rare Books
Books On Line
Consumers' Checkbook - Washington
Consumer Reports - Reviews & Ratings
Credit Report - Annual Free
Electronic Parts - Baynesville Electronics - Baltimore
Electronic Parts
E-Z Pass Maryland
J&R - Audio, Video, Cameras, Computers, Cellular
L.L. Bean
Lawyer / Attorney Ratings
McMaster-Carr - Parts - well indexed
Pocket Solutions - accessories for MP3s, etc.
PX / NEX / Navy Exchange
Real Estate - self sell - Zillow
Shoes - New Balance Shoes, NB Web Express
ThinkGeek - Geek Stuff
TurboTax User Forums - Maryland
UPS Package Tracking
ZipZoomfly - PC / Tech Stuff
Archie McPhee - Toys, Goofy Gifts, Novelties
Pottery - Bailey Pottery Store
Wake On LAN (WOL) - Verizon Actiontec router MI424WR
Verizon Voice Mail Setup - FIOS
Verizon Wireless - Account
Verizon FiOS TV Channel Lineup
Verizon FIOS Block Calls
Verizon Block Calls Fios Digital Voice


Acronym Finder
Book On-line - Proj. Gutenberg
Audio Books - free
Books On-Line - LibriVox - Audio Books
Books On-line - Open Library
Books On-line - U Penn
Books On Line
Books: Rare, Digitized Books - Octavo
Capitalization - in Titles & Sentences
Copyright - Recipes
Genealogy - Mormon Family Search
Grammar Lady Online
Hobby / Do it your self - Instructables
Library, Montgomery Co.
Manual of Style - Chicago Manual - Q&A
Online Writing Lab - Purdue's "OWL"
OpenOffice Wiki - OO Help / Reference
Slide Rules - Virtual -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
Style Manual - Chicago Manual - Q&A
Units of Measurement

Governmental and International Agencies

Canada - Canadian Government Home Page
Journal: Science's Next Wave

Local Govs.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce Home Page
Government: Regional, State, Local
Maryland Government - The Maryland Electronic Capital
Maryland General Assembly; Bills Before Assembly

Government - Fed, Other Agencies/Info

Air Force Link - Official Web Site of the U. S. Air Force
Congress - Legislation Status
GPO Access
ID Theft - FTC
Library of Congress
National Science Foundation / NSF
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
Social Security Online
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975
US Postal Service - Domestic Rate Calculator
US Postal Service


DHHS Commissioned Corps of the USPHS
DHHS Employee Directory
DHHS - DCP - Division of Commissioned Personnel, USPHS


CC - Search Clinical Research Studies Protocol Database
CC, PET. Positron Emission Tomography Department
CC Clinical Research Studies, Search and Browse
CC Clinical Research Studies by ICD of PI
Clinical Center
Library, NIH
National Library of Medicine - NLM
NLM MedlinePlus - Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
NIH: Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine - NCCAM


Accomodations - Including RV Camps

B&B Finder
B&B - PA Dutch Area
Bed Bug Registry - Apartments / Hotels in US & Canada
Florida Condos / Hotels / Rentals - Naples, Marco Island & Everglades
France - Gîtes de France (Gites - B&Bs too)
Logis de France - BOOK, Guide
France, Logis de France: Lodging, Leisure escapades
Hershey Parntership - Includes B&Bs Near Hershey, PA
Historic Hotels - Road Travel
Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express
Home Exchange / Swap - HomeLink USA
Home Exchange / Swap - Intervac
Hotels - Europe -
Hotels - Priority Club: InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Staybridge, Candlewood
Iceland - Rekjavik - Kriunes við Elliðavatn
Ireland Inns / B&Bs - Ireland Tours
Lodging - Military, Armed Forces Vacation Clubs
Lodging - Military, SEARCH Armed Forces Vacation Club
Lodging - Military - Army MWR CONUS/OCONUS
Lodging - Hawaii - Bellows AFB - Beach-front cabins
Lodging - Military - Bellows AFS Cabins
Lodging - Military - Navy / Marine Corps Housing, world-wide
Lodging - Military, Kilauea Hawaii (Volcanoes Natl. Park)
Lodging - Military - Hawaii - Kilauea Military Camp
Lodging - Coast Guard, Puerto Rico
Lodging - Military Resorts (world-wide)
Lodging - ROTA BOQ / Inn
Martha's Vineyard UU B&B
Motels - Dover and other areas
Motel - Coupons
Motel - Coupons Travel
Spain - Paradores
UU're Home B&B - UU B&B
UU're Home, a directory of UU home available for UU travelers

American Airlines
America West Airlines
Airfare Deals - Cheap Flights - Airfarewatchdog
Baggage - Airline Charges / Policy
Cape Air
Charlotte Airport
Delta Airlines
Charlotte Airport
Dulles International Airport
IcelandAir Advanced Booking - free layover Rejevick
Iberia Air
Mobile (AL) Airport Authority
Parking, Long-term - Airport
Parking SeaTac - Reservations, Multiple Vendors
Parking - BWI Fast Park & Other Locations
Parking - BWI - EconoPark Express (Off Rt. MD 100)
Savvy Traveler - Your Enlightened Guide to Airplane Seating
Southwest Airlines Home Gate

Costa Rica

Wild Rider Costa Rica - Motorcycle Rental and Motorcycle Adventure Tours, 4x4 Car Rental, Costa Rica Adventure Tours and more ...
Tricolor Car Rental - Tricolor Car Rental
Posada el Quijote
Costa Rica - CenRut GPS Maps

Disabled Travel

Disabled Travelers Guide to the World
Disability Travel Information | Disabled Travel | Accessible Travel | Handicapped Travel | Wheelchair Travel
Disabled Travel |
Rick Steve Tips for Travelers, including the Disabiled


Prius Cheat Codes and Workarounds
Prius Chat

Project Fi / Google

Project Fi Help
Project Fi Iternational - Project Fi Help

Resources - State Dept. / Health

IAMAT Healt Care / Providers Abroad
Malta - U.S. Embassy
The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in Malta.
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
Travelers' Health | CDC
Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Travel - State Dept.
The official site for the Bureau of Consular Affairs.


AAFES Italy includes Aviano
Hawai - Marine Corps Base
John D's Military Space-A Travel Pages
Space A - Peppard's Message Board
Space-A: Pepperds Discussion Board, Includes SCHEDULES
Military Hops Gazette Issue 12
Military Travel Info - - Italy information for overseas military
Naples Naval Air Terminal
ROTA - US Naval Station, Rota, Spain
Space-A OCONUS Europe Space-A Locations - - John D's pages
Space-A Air Mobility Command - Lists of Air Terminals / See Their Facebook Pages
ROTA Space-A
ROTA - Main Index Page

Army MWR Travel Page -Off Duty Travel
American Map - Langenscheidt - good source for maps
AAA Fuel Cost Finder
American Map - Kappa Maps
Army MWR Travel Page -Off Duty Travel
BWI Airport
Border Wait Times - International Borders
Canada VIA Rail - Travel by train! Vacations, tours and tourism info.
Driving America - Ford Museum
E-ZPass Maryland (EZPass)
Ford Museum & Greenfield Village Online
France - Phone Directory White Pages
Ireland Tourism | Corporate Website
Man in Seat 61 - Ttrain info: Great Britain, Europe. Schedules, ticket buying - Europe.
Miliitary and Veterans Travel Planner
Michelin - ViaMichelin Mapping
New Mexico - Road Conditions
NC / North Carolina Road Conditions
New York Times Travel Guide
Parking Garages / On Street Parking Regs. Garage Rates: Hourly, Daily, and Monthly
St. Croix Travel Info
State Department - Consular Info Sheets - Country-specific info
St. Croix Ferry
STT / STX Seaborne / Ferry Combos
Travel Washington Post
State Department - Consular Info Sheets - Country-specific info
Train - Heber Valley Railroad
Train - FlyerTalk Forums - Rail Travel, etc., in Europe
Train - Germany & beyond - train and other travel -
Train - RailEurope: Eurorail, Eurail Passes, Rail / Drive
Time and Date . com Distance between cities (km / mi / naut mi); local time.
Travel Insurance - USAA / TravelInsured
Trip Advisor (Read / Write Reviews)
Virgin Islands Fast Ferry

Switzerland & France

RoadScholar - Astronomy Above the Arctic Circle: A Journey Along Coastal Norway
Starting in culturally rich Bergen, voyage north to colorful fishing towns and unique ecological wonders above the Arctic Circle in search of the northern lights.


Canon Digital Cameras
Darktable photo editing / light table
fotoxx - photo editor including **EXIF** data
GIMP "Photoshop" Tricks
GIMP - Grokking the GIMP
GIMP - User Manual / Tutorial
GIMP Guru removing "Red Eye"
JAlbum Turtle - Text page
jAlubm Turtle Template Page
KPhotoAlbum / Documentation
Reviews - Digital Digital Camera Reviews - Imaging Resource!
Reviews - - Digital Photography
Reviews - Digital Cameras - UK
Review - Sony Alpha SLT-A55 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page - MY Camera
Turtle skin UI: Design
Turtle skin UI: Design

CSS Val.
Piedmont Regency Dancers
Entity Codes for ASCII Characters
IPSEC VPN Locations - Witopia
Video - VLC Schedule to record video stream in VLC - Ask Ubuntu
Get Bookmark Add-ons
[Valid] Markup Validation of upload://Form Submission - W3C Markup Validator
Get Bookmark Add-ons
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 - LinuxTVWiki
Flash Drive - Setup Boot Drive, DSL, etc.

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Books - - Search for books by price
Dance List - English Country, Scott & Jenny's List
Dance List - Gary Roodman
Federal Register
Folk Music Index to Recordings
Get A Human
Ixquick Metasearch
IP / DNS Detect
HHS Employee Directory
IP - What's My I.P.
Jargon - Geek
Maps - Directions in Major Cities
Maps -
Maps - Google
Gegraphic Name Info System (GNIS) - USGS
Maps Live - hwys, sattelite & arial photos
Maporama - Foreign Maps
Music Andante - classical search
NY Times Navigator
Phone Number Lookup
Quote Investigator | Dedicated to tracing quotations
Ratings / Reviews Epinions
Scirus - Scientific Info
Unit Converter
Webopedia: Tech Dictionary for IT Pros
Wikipedia - "free" encyclopedia
Whois - Internic Gateway
Thesaurs - Ethnographic
ZIP Code Lookup
RV Park Reviews
Dictionary -


email - bluehost
Ball 2018
Google Analytics

CSS Val.

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my access tricare
AutoKey Tutorial : Linux Utility for Text Substitution , Hotkeys and Desktop Automation | God, Your Book Is Great !!
EarthCam - St. Croix Cam