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Roger's Pastimes & Interests


Roger's Dance Niche: info about dance forms that I like.

English Country Dance, sponsored by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (


Presentation: Photographs & Linux, Saturday, December 14, 2013 at Northern Virginia Linux Users Group (novaLug).
Slides from presentation.

Free standing Solar Panel for Airstream Trailer

solar panel

Bike Rack for Airstream Trailer, expertly executed by Brother Gene.

bike rack on airstream trailer

Photos Collection (Master Index)


  • El Salvador — A "mission" (Summer, 2007):
        Reflections  |   Martyrs  |   Images — pictures from the trip (re-posted May, 2012, after loss of images some time ago).

The Philippines: Pictures from trip made by Alex and Dad, 2004, with more from Alex's trip in 2007-8. Family life, country side, beautiful Boracay resort island.
Sail boat at sunset, Boracay

Spain — 2006 (seven PDF files with slides of travels in Spain)

Egypt, 2008 — by Paddle Wheel Steamer Down the Nile.

Great Pyramids

Puerto Penasco, 2008. Puerto is on the east coast of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) which separates the Baja Penensula from the rest of Mexico. The beach is the closest to Phoenix, AZ.
Beach at sunset, Puerto Penasco

Along the Crooked Road and Beyond: visit to Sevierville, TN and the Old Fiddler's Convetion, Galax, VA (2008)
The Bog Trotters in front of Mary Guynn's cabin, Galax, VA

Dvorana Dance Tour to the Czech Republic, October, 2010
Postcard perfect Prague

Dancers pull together to re-erect dance tent during '09 Tropical Dance Vacation: pictures.
Dancers help re-rerect tent

Moab, UT - 2011, including a wild ride in a Hummer through the sand "flats." pictures.
Dead Horce Point

Canyon de Chelly
Winter travels, 2011-12: Art, White Sands, California Hwy. 1, Yosemite, Sequia, Death Valley and Mojave, Canyon de Chelly, Rt.66 and Oatman, More — pictures.

  • Yet to come:
    •   France  & other destinations

Other places I like:

Home, Family, Friends, etc.

Home & Neighborhood

Pictures of home and our neighborhood.
house in spring

Wedding Pictures

Pictures from Alexandra and Nam's Wedding, Noyon, France, August 18, 2012.
Wedding ring.

Scott and Cayla's pictures

Album of pictures by Nephew Scott and Neice Cayla. Many from the Tetons — their stomping grounds — to Zion and Hawaii.

Images, from 2012, added May, 2013 — including a trek in Kauai, Hawaii.

Pictures from Sister Ruth's surprise retirement party, July 16, 2011.
Cake for Ruth's retirement party.

Pictures from Fiftieth High School Reunion of West High School Alumni, Columbus, OH
reunion pictures

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